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The SHaKTI PRODUCTIONS, LLC website was created in 2000 to provide an additional avenue for advocacy, referrals and information about incestuous sexual abuse and domestic violence. Website design and development took into consideration the wide range of users visiting the site. These include students conducting research, service-providers looking for referrals, community educators needing information for workshops and educational outreach, and individuals in search of support for dealing with incestuous sexual abuse. Visitors to the site have the opportunity to write to SHaKTI PRODUCTIONS. This site will eventually involve multi-media web presentations designed for interactive awareness-building in preparation for and launching of the new project, Enemy On The Inside.

This website was first designed by Nimish Desai, and redesigned in 2002 by May Chang to better manage and deliver the increasing content on the site. Currently this website is administered by Rosita Crooke. Design ver.1 was revised for a 800x600px screen resolution and makes full use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). For practical reasons, there is only one CSS for screen media irrespective of browser, and a CSS for print media. For optimum viewing and functionality, we recommend browsers that support web standards, for example Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla 1+ and Netscape 6+. Browser versions older than these may not display or print with full formatting but the content is accessible.

Mar 2003: Revision of ver.1
Full CSS+, 800x600px screen.

Mar 2002: Design ver.1
XHTML1.0 Transitional, SSIs, CSS1, JSS and browser/platform detection, variable width layout.

Sep 2000: Design ver.0
HTML, frames.

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Modified on Oct 28, 2006